How to maintain

Basically, once Ultra-Seal has been inserted into the tyres, no maintenance is needed for the life of the tyre!
Only the normal routine of visible inspection of a tyre, to check for damage, and adjustment of the tyre pressure once a year when it has to go to the workshop for preventative maintenance and the authorities test it anyway, are all it takes.

When the end of the tyre’s life is reached and tyres go into the recycling process, a tyre with Ultra-Seal can perform the same as any other tyre without sealant in it. The Ultra-Seal product is environmentally friendly and can be rinsed with just a little bit of water.


The pumps also need little maintenance over time.

It is important to calibrate the automatic pump on a regular basis, because the amount of Ultra-Seal given per pump unit (default is 25/30 ml/unit) may vary, depending on temperatures and ambient air pressure.

Watch the calibration process for the automatic pump here!

When a manual pump or automatic pump is not used for a longer period of time, the hose must be cleaned with just a little bit of water and the disposals can be flushed through the drain.

Watch the cleaning process for the automatic pump here!

It is important to replace the filter in the automatic pump on a regular basis so it does not restrict the flow or effect the volume. You can find your applicable product here.


For detailed instructions on maintenance, check our ‘Installation and maintenance guide’ in the download area