A preventative tyre sealant liquid which is invented to protect tyres from leakage, punctures and blowouts

TIP Trailer Services Nordic - reducing the number of tyre-related breakdowns

TIP Trailer Services Nordic - reducing the number of tyre-related breakdowns

Since May 2017, TIP Trailer Services Nordic has been testing Ultra-Seal on a representative number of assets. As to why TIP Trailer Services initiated the test, Martin Nielsen, Operations Manager of TIP Trailer Services Sweden, explains: “We wanted to explore the options to reduce the number of tyre-related breakdowns for our customers, whilst also reducing costs on our side. This would benefit all parties involved, including the environment.”

The overall results show a significant reduction in tyre-related breakdowns. Martin Nielsen says: “The assets have now covered 2,668,005 km and we haven’t seen a single puncture on them. Overall we expect that in the long term, Ultra-Seal will reduce the number of tyre-related breakdowns by around 60%.” “Our experience is that with Ultra-Seal, the tyre also holds the tyre pressure better. In our workshop, we see a pressure variation of 0-0.4 BAR from the standard pressure on assets with Ultra-Seal compared to a variation of 0.8 - 1.4 BAR on tyres without Ultra-Seal,” says Martin Nielsen. "With fewer breakdowns and tyre blowouts and thus less downtime for the asset and the customer, there’s obviously also an environmental upside to bear in mind,” concludes Martin Nielsen. The plan is to further implement the use of Ultra-Seal within the Nordic region during 2019-2020.


After insertion

After inserting Ultra-Seal into the tyre and once the initial driving period has been attained for 10 kilometres, Ultra-Seal will be thoroughly distributed throughout the entire inner surface of the tyre-rim assembly. Ultra-Seal establishes a 2-3 mm coating which has the ability to remain suspended on the tyre-rim assembly’s entire inner air cavity.

Ultra-Seal is a liquid coating that conditions the inner surface and eliminates porosity and bead leaks as minute amounts of air attempt to escape. Ultra-Seal continuously stands on guard to protect tyres against air loss from punctures for the tyre’s legal tread life.

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