A preventative tyre sealant liquid which is invented to protect tyres from leakage, punctures and blowouts

The Danish Road Safety Agency retracts amended guidelines on Trailer MOT in Denmark

The Danish Road Safety Agency retracts amended guidelines on Trailer MOT in Denmark

Tyre sealants are allowed in Danish registered trailers with immediate effect.

Amended guidelines for MOT (Synsvejledning) were presented on 1 January 2018, with the addition of a paragraph prohibiting the use of tyre sealants. Initiated by the Danish Tyre Association, this amendment has been studied further over the past 7 weeks by the Director and members of the Danish Parliament Transport Executive Board.


After insertion

After inserting Ultra-Seal into the tyre and once the initial driving period has been attained for 10 kilometres, Ultra-Seal will be thoroughly distributed throughout the entire inner surface of the tyre-rim assembly. Ultra-Seal establishes a 2-3 mm coating which has the ability to remain suspended on the tyre-rim assembly’s entire inner air cavity.

Ultra-Seal is a liquid coating that conditions the inner surface and eliminates porosity and bead leaks as minute amounts of air attempt to escape. Ultra-Seal continuously stands on guard to protect tyres against air loss from punctures for the tyre’s legal tread life.

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