A preventative tyre sealant liquid which is invented to protect tyres from leakage, punctures and blowouts

Ultra-Seal exceeds all expectations with exceptional tyre test results for 2019

Ultra-Seal exceeds all expectations with exceptional tyre test results for 2019

The success story of Ultra-Seal continues with an increasing number of customers convinced of the tyre sealant’s multiple benefits in terms of cost savings, reducing breakdowns and decreasing C02 emissions.

The Ultimate Tyre Life Extender has proven its multiple benefits once again with both current and new customers by reducing tyre-related breakdowns by 50-75% and increasing tyre life substantially.

Anders Nielsen & Co. reported an extraordinary result of 95% less tyre related incidents on the 373 Ultra-Seal equipped trailers in comparison with their 1237 trailers still to be treated. Similar excellent test results have convinced Remitrans to equip its full fleet of 350 trailers. TIP Trailer Benelux are now in the process of fully equipping their fleet, following in the footsteps of TIP Trailer Nordics where country manager Martin Nielsen recently stated that no punctures had occurred amongst the first Ultra-Seal equipped trailers that so far covered 2,668,005 km.

Top 3 OEM supply in Europe has now been secured by Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone recently agreeing to exclusively offer trailer tyres treated with Ultra-Seal, this is in addition to current customers Schmitz Cargobull and Kässbohrer.

“The results that we have seen so far in 2019 are really exceptional with a massive reduction of tyre-related breakdowns and great operational savings for our customers. This whilst also keeping the environmental factor in mind and providing our customers with an effective tool in decreasing C02 emissions through up to 40% longer tyre life and fuel reduction of up to 3%” says Sales Manager Wendy Cabooter.


After insertion

After inserting Ultra-Seal into the tyre and once the initial driving period has been attained for 10 kilometres, Ultra-Seal will be thoroughly distributed throughout the entire inner surface of the tyre-rim assembly. Ultra-Seal establishes a 2-3 mm coating which has the ability to remain suspended on the tyre-rim assembly’s entire inner air cavity.

Ultra-Seal is a liquid coating that conditions the inner surface and eliminates porosity and bead leaks as minute amounts of air attempt to escape. Ultra-Seal continuously stands on guard to protect tyres against air loss from punctures for the tyre’s legal tread life.

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