DSV Equipment significantly reduces C02

At DSV, we take responsibility for moving the transport sector towards a more sustainable future. By 2030, DSV must reduce emissions from company cars and buildings by 40% and reduce emissions from subcontracted transports by 30%. The initiatives for working eco-friendly and providing more green offerings into our daily business are growing rapidly.

DSV Road Equipment, the department that operates more than 9000 trailers, has initiated its own measures in managing the trailer fleet eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprint. Aside from using recycled tools to installing sunroof panels in their workshops, DSV Equipment has been using the tyre-sealant Ultra-Seal in all their trailer tyres since 2016 and the results have been ground breaking. The number of breakdowns and punctures have reduced with 75% which resulted in an average of 5000 less tyres needed on yearly basis. On top of this, fuel savings of 2% were achieved making the tyre sealant not only extremely cost effective but also helping our environment with less rubber on the road, less tyres being disposed of and less Co2 emissions.

Ultra-Seal is a preventative sealant liquid that transforms a tyre into a self-sealing tyre when a puncture takes place. This way breakdowns and early loss of tyres can be avoided. By sealing off the tyres’ inner chamber Ultra-Seal also helps to keep the tyre pressure optimal which prolongs tyre life with at least 30%. It is the continuous optimal rolling resistance throughout the tyre’s journey that prevents the need for any excessive fuel consumption typically seen in case of under pressure with most commercial vehicles.

DSV Equipment continues to use Ultra-Seal in all their trailers and encourages other DSV Road departments to investigate the possibilities of incorporating the tyre sealant into their fleet and therewith save considerable time & costs whilst simultaneously minimising the direct impact of road transport on the environment considerably.

Did you know?
By using Ultra-Seal, DSV Equipment has saved 82,742.4 tons of CO2 over a 5-year period. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 18,000 passenger vehicle cars driven for one year.  By preventing breakdowns and punctures Ultra-Seal has also contributed to fewer traffic congestions and to fewer tyre burnings, known to increase carbon dioxide emissions.