Schmitz Cargobull includes tyres with sealant from Ultra-Seal in its offers

Schmitz Cargobull includes tyres with sealant from Ultra-Seal in its offers

Schmitz Cargobull has assigned Ultra-Seal as its exclusive tyre sealant supplier for selected tyres of Schmitz Cargobull trailers.

From May 2018, Schmitz Cargobull is offering trailer tyres with Ultra-Seal to its customers. The partnership with Ultra-Seal was finalized after having performed a comprehensive testing and clearance phase of the combination of Ultra-Seal with tyres, rims and valves. The 3-year contract between Schmitz Cargobull and Ultra-Seal involves supplier warranty on tyres and rims for approved combinations when using Ultra-Seal.

Schmitz Cargobull’s member of the Board of Directors, Boris Billich, states: “We are always interested in finding new products that can benefit our customers. We have closely followed tyre experiences with Ultra-Seal and the positive results there paved the road to approve Ultra-Seal as tyre sealant for Schmitz Cargobull.”

Carla van Santvoort, Manager at Ultra-Seal says: “The timing of completing the cooperation between Schmitz Cargobull and Ultra-Seal is perfect; we have put great effort into clearing some of the aspects that might raise questions or cause reluctance with end-users, such as the technical aspect on the warranty of rims and the political lobby against Ultra-Seal and the attack it has suffered from tyre associations. As Ultra-Seal has won all court cases against the BundesReifenVerband (BRV), it has shown that these aspects are no longer an issue. Furthermore, third-party suppliers are now offering normal warranty, so the road is cleared for customers to get maximum performance from their tyres, which we of course heavily applaud. We have worked hard on shifting the perception of an accepted tyre life towards an ‘I won’t settle for less’ mentality. This is a huge step forward in the tyre industry.”