Ultra-Seal can be used for all commercial vehicles, from light trucks to heavy mining equipment.
Ultra-Seal not only gives a fantastic return on investment due to its tyre life extension capabilities, but in some sectors like the mining industry, agricultural sector and construction industry it can be almost impossible to fix a puncture and it costs a fortune in lost production time, all of which can be overcome by using Ultra-Seal.

Ultra-Seal is delivered in 2 different grades developed specifically for each user application:

  • Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) for light vans up to 7500 kg (high-speed), trailers, trucks and buses over 7500 kg (high-speed) as well as bigger machines moving at speed.

  • Extreme Heavy Duty (EHD) for mining, construction equipment and agricultural vehicles (low-speed), military combat vehicles and off-road vehicles and equipment.

Various grades of Ultra-Seal


This Ultra-Seal application is designed for on-road vehicles up to 7500 kg with pneumatic tyres, used on vehicle tyres that travel at highway speed and have an average puncture risk.

It is also designed for large trucks, trailers and bigger machines moving at speed, all with an average puncture risk.

The XHD product seals up to 12 mm and can be recognized by its distinctive green colour, which is the only authentic XHD Ultra-Seal product there is available on the European market.





This Ultra-seal application was originally designed for use in the mining industry. This product is also proving to be very effective in everything from heavy construction vehicles to agricultural tractors and equipment. For slow moving construction vehicles, it seals punctures up to 12 mm. Our best product ever when used in tube applications. Here, Ultra-Seal provides that extra reliability and very important uptime on mining and construction equipment, where downtime is extremely costly.

It’s also applicable for armoured military combat vehicles and off-road equipment, in other words, applications where increased protection is required. Used in combat vehicle tyres where bullet wounds would prevent any vehicle from completing its mission, Ultra-Seal is capable of sealing large wounds, thereby allowing vehicles to maintain mobility.