The benefits

Ultra-Seal is the ultimate tyre life extender. It not only seals most punctures as they happen, it also ensures heat reduction, extends tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption.

To whole Commercial Vehicle Industry can now benefit from:

Tyre heat reduction – the number 1 killer of tyres!

Ultra-Seal assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat buildup which is associated with friction caused by underinflation or overloading. Ultra-Seal contains specific ingredients that aid in conducting heat away from the tyre, by transmitting additional heat to the rim (which is the tyre’s natural heat sink), resulting in a cooler running tubeless tyre for any type of equipment or vehicle, regardless of mission profile. It is the ultimate thermic conductor!

“Under inflation causes abnormal tyre deflection which builds up heat and causes irregular tyre wear” Michelin.

Fewer punctures and blowouts

Breakdown service costs for punctures and blowouts are very high. Often the tyre cannot be recovered, and together with the breakdown handling and the mobile service, the breakdown costs can be as high as 1500 euros on a French highway.
Add to that the vehicle downtime, missed delivery time, and sometimes even penalties for late delivery, and let’s not forget the safety aspect.

It is normal that breakdowns account for as much as 5% of total tyre-related incidents, but account for 25% of the total tyre cost in a trailer fleet.

“29% of all breakdowns is tyre related” according to ADAC Germany.

Keeping better tyre pressure, thus extending tyre life

After heat and punctures, low tyre pressure is the main tyre killer.

Underinflation increases stress on tyre sidewalls and increases heat buildup due to increased rolling resistance; both of which can lead to tyre failure.

Ultra-Seal has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage, thereby allowing the tyre to maintain proper air pressure, preventing the inception of most tread separations and zipper ruptures.

Under inflation also increases the tyre wear. According to Bridgestone Tyres Australia, 20% under inflation reduces tyre life by more than 25%.

Because Ultra-Seal covers the inner surface of the tyre, it seals it and keeps the tyre pressure. That is also why tyre pressure adjustments will not be required as frequently, thus saving expensive tyre maintenance costs.

The cost of Ultra-Seal in a tyre is less than 10% of the cost of the tyre, and it last for the life of the tyre, which equals saving every day.

Reduced fuel consumption

Correct tyre pressure is key to low rolling resistance and thereby low fuel consumption.

According to DAF Trucks, 20% underinflation increases fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Since fuel consumption is the biggest viable cost for a truck, fuel savings have the biggest impact.

That means that minor reductions will already lead to big savings. For example, if a truck drives 10,000 km per month, with just 1% fuel reduction due to Ultra-seal, it will mean a savings of 500 euros per year. “One percent saving on fuel use, gives a saving of 500 euro per year per truck” TNO. 

You can now try the amazing proven benefits and attributes that Ultra-Seal bestows on its users, for yourself. Fill in the calculator and find out what Ultra-Seal can do for your business operations.

Our Savings Calculator immediately gives you an idea about the possible savings in your fleet.

Just fill in your number of trucks and/or trailers. The other parameters are set on a realistic default, but you can also adjust these figures if you wish. The calculator shows your possible savings, based on three different scenarios.

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Savings on fuel

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Savings on tyre wear

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Savings on punctures

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Average repair cost per incident
Savings on punctures


Loss of time

Total of trucks/trailers
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Average hourly wage
Total cost per year


Example of three scenarios, ranging from the least favorable to the most favorable situation.

Total of trucks/trailers

First example
Second example
Third example
Savings on fuel
Savings on tyre wear
Savings on punctures
Savings on time
Total Savings


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Additional benefits of Ultra-Seal

It lasts for the life of the tyre

Ultra-Seal contains Thixogel™ a proprietary process that protects the sealant against heat and provides the ability to overcome the centrifugal force of a rotating tyre. Ultra-Seal performance is not diminished by speed, distance or time.

It protects the entire inner surface of the tyre

Ultra-Seal’s Thixogel™ provides a coating that clings to the entire surface of the tyre-rim assembly. The sidewalls, including every square centimetre of the inner air cavity, retain an approx. 2-3 mm coating of the product, thereby providing protection to the tyre at all times.

It provides an extra safety factor

Ultra-Seal provides safety factors that are not found in any tyre. Ultra-Seal will not mask or hide damage that has breached the integrity of the tyre. Ultra-Seal is specially formulated to allow any serious puncture (potentially dangerous) to slowly bleed air and Ultra-Seal out of the wound, thereby allowing the tyre to deflate in a controlled manner. This attribute provides safety and aids in alleviating the hazards associated with blowouts.

“Driving on any tyre that doesn’t have the correct inflation pressure, is dangerous and will cause tyre damage” Michelin

It extends tyre life

Ultra-Seal has been tested and proven to maintain air pressure, retard aging within the casing, reduce heat buildup and increase tyre life with an average of 25% and higher in most cases.

It increases retreadability

Ultra-Seal has the ability to protect against the inception of tread and ply separations caused by air migration between the plies of new and retread tyres, thereby resulting in additional retread cycles and extended casing life.

It retards dry rot and casing degradation

Ultra-Seal has the ability to retard dry rot and aging from within the tyre, which increases the life of any tubeless tyre casing.

It is water-soluble - for easy clean up

Ultra-Seal is completely water-soluble in its liquid state, and leaves no residue when rinsed with plain water. Yet it will not dissolve within a wound after it has cured. Standard repairing procedures can be utilised without additional effort.

It protects against rust and corrosion

Ultra-Seal contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but in a wound, Ultra-Seal’s proprietary process will also protect steel belts. Outside contaminants are prevented from leaching back into the wound which would cause the steel belts to rust and the plies to separate. Without Ultra-Seal’s protection, the contaminants would quickly destroy valuable casings.

It cannot create a balance problem

Treating a tyre with the recommended amount of Ultra-Seal does not provide for an excessive amount of product to accumulate in the tread area, therefore the tyre is not subjected to a mass of substance that would create an imbalance. Ultra-Seal cannot create an imbalance due to the unique ability to evenly coat the entire inner surface of the tyre-rim assembly (0.050 coating) subjected to normal centrifugal force.
If the suspension is worn beyond specified tolerance, or a tyre-rim assembly is not balanced or trued, the abnormal centrifugal force generated will have enough gravitational force to pull Ultra-Seal off the vertical surfaces and collect in the problem area, thereby increasing the ‘existing’ imbalance problem. If the problem is severe enough the driver will feel a vibration. The vibration indicates that a problem pre-existed in the tyre assembly or suspension prior to inserting Ultra-Seal.

It will not void any tyre warranty

Ultra-Seal has documents from major tyre manufacturers stating that Ultra-Seal does not void their warranties. In over 40 years of business there has never been a report of Ultra-Seal causing a new tyre warranty rejection or a retread casing rejection. Ultra-Seal’s composition is completely compatible with all tyre components.“The use of sealants doesn’t effect the tyre warranty”

It is compatible with all retread methods

Ultra-Seal conditions the casing and retards aging. Plus, the ability to be thoroughly cleaned out of the tyre assures no hindrance for inspection. The product is non-hazardous, non-flammable, does not present a disposal problem and has no compatibility problems.